Don't glue your vagina shut!

I never thought the day would come when I would have to write this blog…

A male chiropractor has designed a “glue’ that can be applied to the labia minora (the smaller lips of the vagina) during menstruation to get the ‘lips’ to stick together in a way that would be strong enough to keep the menstrual blood inside the vagina. Apparently, the glue will dissolve when urination happens, and then you can reapply more glue to close it up again.

There are SEVERAL problems with this:

  • The labia is a sensitive tissue, the constant peeling off will likely be painful and irritating.
  • I doubt that urine will somehow dissolve the glue, but sweat or menstrual blood itself won’t… I also highly doubt that glue that is applied at home will form a complete, perfect blood tight seal.
  • More importantly, I am very worried about what will happen if a woman doesn’t have to pee, but urgently need to evacuate the blood?!
  • And maybe most confusing of all, I don’t think this guy has any understanding of the female body. Pee comes out of the urethra, whereas menstrual fluid comes out of the vagina, different parts…

Although this glue is not out yet and has not been tested, many doctors have already stated that this could end up being dangerous and do not recommend that women use this glue.

REMEMBER: don’t glue your vagina shut!


Written by: Amélie McFadyen

Executive Director of HPV Awareness